Our Products: Logos-E Video Platform

Logos-E Video Broadcasting Platform is a complex and sophisticated video mobile delivery software. Logos-E Video Platform is a secure and complete video communication solution.

Barcode & RFID scanning, IoT sensors are available complete with a full dashboard for metrics and analytics.

Latest Android 9.0 back compatible with 5.0. 2 different Android versions are available. One with no Google Framework, GSM and GCM for extra security and privacy and one with Google framework integrated..

Zebra Labs (formerly Motorola Labs) extensively and minutely examined and tested over a 16 month period Logos-E Video Platform for use on all their multitude of Android handheld devices. The purpose, to determine if the Logos-E Video Platform was robust, technically secure, feature enabled and error free to send video via Wi Fi, exclusively and privately using the Zebra android platform devices to their multi layer of thousands of user’s associates and customers. The Logos-E Video Platform system is Zebra/Motorola labs authentically and completely VALIDATED for use on all Zebra Android platform devices.

At the Logos-E core are multiple skill sets which include beginning to end service; developing advanced video distribution seamless and customizable on generally all platforms and devices. With the collaboration of visionaries and our multi-disciplined team with years of experience in inventing the video handheld future; our newest brands are launched under the umbrella of Logo-E. which like Eisenstein’s famous E = mc2 equation revolutionized physics, redefined strategies.

Our Products: PSGFF Mobile App

Logos-E video platform was licensed by the Peacemaker Corps Nonprofit California Corporation (an NGO/ECOSOC status registered at the United Nations) in the summer of 2016. Their goal was to expand their reach info global population of 5-18 years old youths to participate in their “Peace in the Streets Film Festival” produced annually at the United Nations. With the videos coming from all 6 continents, these youth’s use the app to upload their content into the PCA cloud in a private and secure environment after creating their video on their mobile device. The Peacemaker yearly festival, now going into the 6th year and is always held at the UN headquarters in New York City. The PSGFF App is available on all Android and IOS platforms. The Peacemaker corps audit committee has monitored all traffic and video content on their App which has been received from remote locations around the world; submissions have grown sequentially of 25% over the past 30 months. Since the launch in 2016 there have been no problems that we hear are aware of from anywhere in the world either downloading the App or uploading video content..

Our Products: Dr. Eric Berg Mobile App

Dr. Eric Berg received a special license in September 2017 so that Logos could test market the video platform for the Tele- Health Industry. Starting with nothing but a very rudimentary website, then using the GUI design created by the Peacemaker Corps, and modifying with logo, the app was launched the 3rd Quarter of 2017. During 2018, using these tools, Dr. Berg became the leader in promoting the Keto diet by showing videos day by day how to lose and keep weight off. He used his website to promote his app on our platform found now on the Google Play store. We are excited to share that he has accumulated over 10,000 followers who pay him a monthly subscription fee of $26.00 per month..