With over 10 years of experience helping business to find comprehensive video distribution solutions.

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Logos-E is an experimental
software technology lab of
forward thinkers, inventors and
visionaries. The mission is to
lead video communication,
using our international patented
technology, which broadcasts
video seamlessly and instantly
to any handheld or pad device
in a totally secure environment.

Experimental Lab



Formerly known as B2BVB video
Logos -E Solution App has been
Labs for use on Zebra Android
platforms devices. Currently all MC
and TC devices use our patented
system to transmit video content
exclusively, privately and instantly to
users, associates, and customers as
corporate, instructional, educational
and sales communication.


Experimental Lab

The IOS version has been licensed
and in use by an UN NGO for over
three years. There have been multi
thousands of uploads and downloads
from the United States and the
International community. With the
collaboration of our multi-disciplined
experienced team, our newest video
platform has been launched under the
umbrella of Logos-E which like
Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation
revolutionized physics. Our
Companies synergy and passion leads
the way with innovation and talent.



Experimental Lab


Carole Sumner Krechman is a
pioneer in international
business with emphasis on new
mobile technology. Through her
decade in investment banking
and real estate as well as a
skilled strategist, highly
experienced in financing and
management of international


CAROLE +1 (310) 213-1719

CEO, Chairwoman, Co-Founder


Logos E Joins Forces With Honeywell making Logod-E a Silver Reseller

In early 2020, we became an Silver Reseller. Shortly there after, we were invited to be a valued member of the new Honeywell Market Place site where the app delivers our software. Together with Honeywell hardware it will be marketed and sold for use on all their mobile computers, pads, and handhelds. The Marketplace which is open to all Honeywell sales persons and customers, enterprise, government or consumer, can access our Video Delivery Solution. Licenses are available for all Honeywell hardware products that might be currently in use or are newly purchased.


Logos E Joined forces with Ingram Micro as a Global Cloud Based Vendor

Current Distributor: Ingram Micro delivers full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. We have partnered with them and will focus predominately on Honeywell Products.

Other Partners

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